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Spend Your Summer With Catholic Virtual

Spend Your Summer With Catholic Virtual

Summer Enrollment Now Open!

Catholic Virtual offers academic and elective courses for middle school and high school students all summer long. Whether your child needs credit recovery*, or needs to fill in skill gaps to be prepared for the fall, or is looking to explore an interest in a subject outside of their school curriculum, Catholic Virtual courses can meet your needs.

When you take a course with us, you can be confident that your child will receive instruction from teachers with online education and subject matter expertise. Our self-paced courses can be completed from any location, so no conflict with your vacation plans. Read on to learn more about what we offer.

Need to earn credit or fill in skill gaps over the summer?

Don’t let your child fall behind. Taking courses with Catholic Virtual this summer can ensure your child is prepared for the upcoming school year.

We offer objective-oriented courses for high school students looking for credit recovery in English language arts, math, science, social studies and more. Our online credit recovery classes assess the student’s knowledge and adjust to focus only on their specific skill gaps. Students receive feedback from teachers trained in the subject matter and in online learning.

We also offer grade-level middle school courses in English language arts, math, science, social studies, elective subjects for students needing to retake a class or fill in skill gaps. Classes are self-paced, full-length semester courses and are taught by teachers trained in best practices for online learning and middle school education.

Classes can be completed in as little as 8 weeks, enabling students to engage in additional summer activities. Students access course content through an integrated learning management system, receive weekly feedback, and teachers are available at any time via email for student questions. Technical support is available 24/7.

Does your child have an interest they would like to explore?

Catholic Virtual has the cure for summertime boredom, too! We offer an assortment of electives in the arts, digital media, computer science, robotics, creative writing, science and medicine, and more.

Courses are self-paced, full-length semester courses with opportunities for teacher interaction and feedback, and taught by instructors trained in online learning. Students can complete courses at their own pace, from any location.

Our integrated learning management system with 24/7 tech support provides a seamless experience. Teachers are available at any time via email for student questions.


Yes, Catholic Virtual is fully accredited with SACS/CASI/NWAC/NCA through Cognia (formerly AdvancED), the largest internationally recognized accreditation agency in the world.  

All Catholic Virtual teachers are are certified, Catholic trained teachers.

Simply click the “Enroll Now” button below or call us at 1-772-348-2921. If at anytime you need assistance or have questions, please contact us.

*Credit recovery courses are designed for high school students who have not successfully completed a class or earned original high school credit. These courses provide the student with the opportunity to recover credit by retaking the course through alternate means such as during the regular school year, after school, during vacation breaks, or over the summer. In credit recovery courses, students work in an online learning management platform, under the guidance of a teacher, and at their own pace. Content is delivered to the student based on pretest skill and concept mastery. Credit recovery courses are never intended for original credit; however, students can take a credit recovery course to increase their GPA or to fine-tune their skills in preparation for high level learning.

Summer Enrollment Now Open!

Have questions? Can't find a course?

Not all courses are currently available through the enrollment portal. If you can’t find the course you are looking for or have questions, fill out the form below or call us at 1-772-348-2921.