Catholic Virtual: Your Partner and Advocate in Online Learning

Catholic Virtual is the trusted online partner of Catholic schools.

Through partnerships with Catholic schools and families, we facilitate 21st Century learning designed for Catholic students. Our courses are taught by Catholic-trained teachers who aim to foster growth and opportunity for each one of their students. For more than a decade, Catholic Virtual has focused on developing curriculum for our partner schools with online learning and the Catholic faith in mind.


Our Mission

The mission of Catholic Virtual is to be a partner to Catholic schools and provide them with the necessary support, tools, and systems needed to take their schools online.  Our goal is to simplify the transition from a traditional classroom to online, so you and your staff spend less time implementing and more time focusing on student success.


Why Choose Catholic Virtual? 

  • Full accreditation
  • Catholic trained teachers 
  • Approved NCEA and CIEC partner globally 
  • Curriculum designed with online learning in mind 
  • Customized programs that fit the needs of your school and students
  • A comprehensive catalog of K-12 course offerings
  • Academics and staff follow U.S. standards and benchmarks for Catholic school education 
  • Support includes an online learning platform, registrar functions, technical support and more 
  • Join a global community of Catholic Schools

Learn How We Can Help Your School Go Online

Catholic Virtual supports our school partners with curriculum, registrar, marketing, training, and more. We make your transition to online learning easy so you can focus on student success!

Whether students pursue independent study or attend a “brick and mortar” school, we ensure that they are prepared for the spiritual challenges and academic demands of the 21st Century. Catholic Virtual provides students with a high-quality college preparatory education, immersed in a technology-rich, faith-filled environment within the Catholic tradition.

-Rob Birdsell, President