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K-8 Students

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Catholic Virtual students receive a personalized education plan designed to fit their academic, social and religious needs.

  • Elementary School Division

    The Elementary Division partners with schools and families to provide an academically supportive online environment to engage all students. Coursework is accredited and delivered by highly qualified educators who work with you to prepare students to excel throughout their elementary years. Our goal is to ensure each child works with educators who understand the importance of providing a curriculum in a personalized and meaningful experience so that your learning is the focus of our program. Please see the Curriculum Guide for a complete listing of all the core, elective, and specialty course options available for elementary students.

  • Middle School Division

    Middle School is the time when students can explore options or begin to determine their strengths as they relate to possible careers and preparation for high school. Serving as the transition between lower and upper school,  the middle school team provides a strong foundation while building scaffolds in to support academic growth that will prepare students for rigorous college prep and career prep classes.

    Academically advanced or talented eighth grade students have the opportunity to take several courses for high school credit, earning dual credit for both middle and high school success. Please see the Curriculum Guide for a complete listing of the core, elective and specialty courses available to Middle School students.

Summer Programs

Our full service “Summer Program” offers a unique opportunity for students to take courses for accelerated learning, test prep, additional credits, or for credit recovery.

We offer instruction by subject area experts in over 100 online courses, including core subject areas, electives, remedial courses, and College Test Preparatory classes.  All of the teachers utilize interactive and engaging student activities, resources, assignments, quizzes and tests.

Some summer programs offer a blended learning approach and so students can come to campus, participate in career related internships, or enroll in college level courses. All courses are offered online, with some classes being offered in partnership with brick and mortar schools on site at a number of campuses. Please request additional information or register today for summer opportunities.