Partner Success Stories

What Partners Are Saying About Us

“My experience with Catholic Virtual has been wonderful – professional, timely, and responsive. We had an issue at the beginning of the semester, and the Catholic Virtual team responded within mere hours and had a solution for our students! In addition, they follow up with me and my students on a regular basis regarding pacing and course progress – that level of monitoring gives me peace of mind as a Head of School! The Catholic Virtual team members, from the President of the organization to the account reps, are stellar individuals – kind, respectful, faithful people whose dedication to the success of our students is apparent.”  


Thank you, Catholic Virtual, and keep up the good work!

Heidi Altman
Head of School
St. Mary’s Catholic School
Taylor, TX

Aloha, My name is Matthew Eftink, I am an Administrator for St. Joseph High School in Hilo, Hawaii.  We are a small Catholic School with an enrollment of about 80 students, a majority of our student population is below the national poverty line.  So for our school, it is very important that we are cost conscientious while still striving to give an exemplary educational experience. This year with the pandemic, we have seen a reduction in our student body and an increase in our students needing financial assistance. Our school was in jeopardy of closing.  We embarked on an effort to find an educational model that could solve all of these challenges.  For us, the best solution was a hybrid learning model, where students would come to school for live lessons 3 days a week, and virtual classes 2 days a week.

We evaluated several companies and ultimately we selected Catholic Virtual as a partner in our students’ education.  I use the word partner very specifically. What we have found is that Catholic Virtual’s administration and faculty are as invested in our students’ success as we are.   We are also able to offer over 15 new classes we have never been able to offer.  These were classes like Anatomy or AP Environmental Science, courses the kids were interested in, but we did not have the expertise in the faculty to teach.  As far as cost savings go, we were able to reduce overall expenditures by over 30%, mostly in faculty salaries, but also in the cost of books and other overhead items.

In short with the help of the partnership with Catholic Virtual we were able to deliver more content to students at a reduced cost, and without a drop in quality.  For us, at St. Joseph, this was the difference between staying open for another year or having the opportunity to stay open for another generation. “

Thank You,

Matthew Eftink
STEM Chairperson
St. Joseph Catholic High School
Hilo, Hi

“Catholic Virtual has played a major role in helping our students graduate ready for any college program. The Catholic Virtual course offerings are comprehensive, and they offer flexible modes of instruction to meet the needs of their partnering schools. Catholic Virtual understands that there is not a single formula for running a successful school and does an outstanding job adapting to the needs of their partner schools.”

-Jennifer Mallett, Head of School at St. Joe Academy Boalsburg, PA

“It has been a great experience working with Catholic Virtual! They explained everything very clearly. They are well organized and get right back to you with any questions you may have. One of the biggest things is when we have needed to add a student at the last minute, they have been very accommodating and work well to get our student situated into the class. I look forward to continuing a very positive working relationship with Catholic Virtual!”

-Kevin Bab, Montini Catholic High School

“Working with Catholic Virtual has been a wonderful experience. Everyone throughout the entire process has been responsive and accommodating, providing the opportunity for our students to take electives that they never would have been able to take previously. Catholic Virtual has also sparked my thinking in how we could revamp our entire course offerings moving forward to provide more choice and opportunity for our students moving forward. Thank you for being a wonderful partner in Catholic Education.”

-Dr. Shannon Storch, Principal at St. Maria Goretti Catholic High School