Expand Your Course Catalog

Perhaps you want to offer a web design course, but you can’t find someone to teach it. Or maybe some of your students want to learn American Sign Language (ASL), but there are too few of them to justify hiring an ASL teacher.

Catholic Virtual can help. We have a wide variety of courses for grades K–12 you can use to expand your own course catalog, including core, elective, Advanced Placement, and religion. Whether it’s English literature, Latin, Python computer programming language, or dual credit courses, we have many options to expand the courses you offer in response to requests from current students and to make your school even more attractive to new ones.

Our courses can be delivered asynchronously, so students can learn on a flexible schedule and in a remote location. Or, you can add online instruction delivered live by our Catholic Virtual teachers. We partner with you to provide an experience that will benefit your students and your school’s circumstances. Fully online, hybrid, your choice.

Why Choose Catholic Virtual Courses?

At Catholic Virtual we have done online learning for a decade. As many schools learned with the Covid pandemic, online learning is more than just moving classroom learning online. Our courses are designed for online delivery. Our teachers are trained in online instruction, live and remote. And our curriculum and teachers reflect the values of our Catholic faith.

Contact us to learn how we can help your school and your students achieve academic and spiritual growth.

Need to Expand Your Course Catalog?

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