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Why The Benilde Global Campus

The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools has been known, throughout the history of the Institute, as being a community of innovators in the education of young people. Today, the family of professionals that work in the Insitute’s educational ministries – both Brothers and Partners – collectively refer to themselves as Lasallians. Today, the Lasallian family collectively serves approximately 1,000,000 students in 80 countries.

Conversations among secondary school chief administrators of Lasallian Schools in the US And Canada, almost ten years ago, began to imagine possible strategies to include online technologies to provide expanded opportunities for students, together and by association, in the family of more than fifty schools in these two countries. These conversations began to coalesce around a concept called LEAP, an acronym for Lasallian Educational Access Platform. While these conversations continued, it became apparent that the obstacles to such a concept included the need for a great deal of technical expertise along with substantial capital.

In 2019 conversations began between members of the Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators (LASSCA) and Catholic Virtual. These conversations quickly saw the ability to move beyond the LEAP concept of shared high school course access and shift into achieving “Something More.” These conversations led to collaboration between the schools as well as Lasallian colleges and universities in a way that saw not only the potential for high school courses but also dual enrollment programs for Lasallian secondary school students as well as international diploma opportunities for international students outside of ‘brick and mortar’ Lasallian schools in other countries.

The Lasallian leaders who were engaging in this conversation quickly saw that their work could lead to moving forward in a truly uncommon way, combining the resources and expertise of Catholic Virtual with the Lasallian tradition of educational innovation and excellence.  Working together and by association to accomplish this is truly, in the spirit of Saint Benilde, moving forward in a most uncommon way.  Hence, what began as a conversation on something that could be viewed as ‘common’ has evolved, in a most Lasallian way, into something potentially very uncommon and, in the Lasallian tradition, truly innovative.

Benilde Global Campus is an accredited institution of Catholic Virtual, with all of the credentials, approvals, and relationships that Catholic Virtual holds.  It offers programs in the Lasallian Region of North America for students enrolled in Lasallian schools at discounted pricing when compared to regular Catholic Virtual rates.