Fill Your Teacher Vacancy with a Catholic School Teacher

If you are struggling to hire new teachers or have openings due to unexpected departures, Catholic Virtual can help. We provide teachers in a wide range of courses who can fill your teaching gaps for a semester, summer school, an academic year, or longer.

There’s no need to cancel a course, hire substitutes, or compromise your school’s quality due to teacher unavailability. Bring a Catholic Virtual teacher into your classroom, live and in real-time.

At Catholic Virtual, We Do Online Learning for Catholic Schools

Covid introduced schools to remote learning literally overnight. Teachers and school leaders learned quickly that effective classroom teaching differs from effective online learning in many ways. And being good at one doesn’t always translate to the other.

At Catholic Virtual, we do only online learning, which you can use in a fully virtual setting or as part of hybrid instruction. And we do it only for Catholic schools. So, you know you’re getting a high-quality learning experience that is infused with Catholic values.

With more than 200 K-12 courses in core subjects, theology, and electives, including honors and Advanced Placement, we have many options to enhance your own curriculum. You get a high-quality learning experience that is infused with Catholic values.

We Can Help Find Solutions to Your Unique Needs

Whether it’s a semester-long course for 20 students or a full-time-at-home solution for someone who wants to learn at home, we offer many ways to help you serve your families. Let us know how we can help you guide your students in their academic and spiritual growth.

Facing A Teacher Shortage?

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