The Role of Technology: How Online Learning Can Enhance the Overall Catholic School Experience Today

The sense of community and quality of education that Catholic schools deliver through in-person instruction is part of what makes them special. That said, teacher shortages, budget constraints, enrollment pressures, and other challenges are making it harder for Catholic schools to deliver on their mission by relying solely on in-person instruction. As a result, many Catholic schools are embracing new educational technology (computer hardware, software, and methodologies used to advance learning), and making online learning part of their curriculum ‚ÄĒ ultimately, improving the Catholic school experience for students in many ways.

Predictions for Catholic Education

Recently, Catholic schools have served students in ways other schools could not. They demonstrated creativity and adaptability in the face of Covid-19. The way we deliver Catholic education is fundamentally changing as schools work out how to meet the flexible and digital-learning experiences many students and families now desire.