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Our Catholic Identity

Catholic Virtual is proud to serve Catholic schools and their students around the world.

  • We are an NCEA-and CIEC-approved partner globally, and the only approved virtual partner of NCEA.
  • We are the only provider of a full suite of K-12 online religious education courses aligned to USCCB standards.
  • Teachers infuse courses with Catholic content and values.
  • All teachers have access to approved faith formation training for teaching in Catholic schools.

U.S.C.C.B. STANDARDS: “…It is important to note, however, that not all catechetical texts and materials are subject to a conformity review. The fact that a given item does not appear on the Subcommittee’s “Conformity List” does not necessarily mean that it has been reviewed and found to be deficient, or that the publisher has failed to submit it. A conformity review is not applicable to materials that fall into one of the following categories: 1) Catechetical materials that provide doctrinal content in teacher or catechist manuals rather than in student materials. The Subcommittee will undertake a conformity review of teacher or catechist manuals only when they complement student materials that already have a declaration of conformity or are under review for conformity. 2) Catechetical materials that are published in the form of regularly updated leaflets or periodicals with frequently changing content. These include materials related to the Church’s liturgical year. 3) Individual monographs which focus specifically on individual topics, teachings or devotions, including biblical commentaries and college level student texts. 4) Materials that include biological and physiological content along with catechetical content. 5) Digital media, including websites and DVD’s. Even if these materials are not eligible for a conformity review by the Subcommittee, individual bishops and their diocesan offices typically monitor and approve such catechetical materials for use in schools and parish catechetical programs.”