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Student Orientation

Welcome to the Catholic Virtual, before you begin your core classes, each student is required to complete the Class Orientation course. In this course, you will be learning about Catholic Virtual, school policies and procedures while experiencing a hands-on approach to the course layout and structure. This course has been modeled after our academic virtual courses and includes all the information needed to become a successful user of the Catholic Virtual systems. Our approach to student orientation is to provide the right resources and information at the right time. Student orientation ensures that students have the tools they need to succeed in their course.  It shows students how to navigate their or your course, complete their work, and contact their instructor or get technical support.

Instructor Interaction and Grading

The student and instructor will communicate through graded assignments, regular email through Maestro, and a live Zoom session at least monthly. As the student participates in coursework, an instructor will interact with them to ensure a successful learning experience. The instructor is not the lecturer or tutor but does answer questions the students may have. In addition, the facilitator grades assignments and gives constructive feedback to each student. Students can also expect the instructor to record grades that will build their transcript. Here are the types of interaction you can expect from your class instructor.

  • Sends a welcome email
  • Responds to emails within 24 hours (not including weekends)
  • Conducts up to two live Zoom sessions per month
  • Issues a final grade

Student Activity

Student Pacing

Student Grades

Instructional Support

Your online instructor will provide the following types of support:

  • Live Zoom Sessions with you and your classmates.
  • Daily communication opportunities with your instructor, by email and/or phone. Your instructors will specify their preferred methods of communication within each course syllabus.
  • Monitoring and tracking your course pacing and progress. Your instructor will contact you (student), the adult/school contact person, and parents/guardians, with student progress updates and general communications.

Technical Support

Technical issues do arise even when students are surrounded by assistance, resources, and training. All students are encouraged to communicate with their instructor when they have an issue in class. The Catholic Virtual Support portal provides students with steps to take if the instructor can not answer their questions, or if there is an issue with communication or hardware. Students can submit an online ticket to ask our Support Team for expert assistance.  The User Support Portal can be accessed from every course or from the online course system (Maestro).
The technology support staff members of Catholic Virtual have an expansive knowledge of computer technology and our school systems. Click below to visit the support portal.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement plays a vital role in your student’s academic success. Encouragement, accountability, and support are key to student achievement at every level. In an online learning environment, parents have an even larger responsibility to provide structure and organization at home than students receiving an education within a traditional brick and mortar school. To ensure a better experience, students should remember to complete their instructors’ assignments on a timely basis and keep in consistent communication with him or her.  Even though students should be asking lots of questions, paying attention, and take good notes when working with the virtual instructor, they will count on their parents to be there for guidance and support at home.

What Our Classrooms Look Like

Online classroom experience

As students begin their academic courses, they will use the patterns and practices they perfected during orientation to navigate the environment and interact with course material. Online lesson materials are engaging and interactive, while also providing all the academic resources and accountability needed to thrive. Online courses are designed to teach concepts, provide practice problems, and deliver assignments and assessments. Students will take each assessment one time to test student mastery of the material presented. Course content is primarily delivered through the online lessons and not by the online instructor, students interact regularly with their teacher by providing feedback on assessments and assignments. The online instructor’s role is not to lecture the student, but rather to provide support and guidance throughout the course. Our instructors engage students through discussion forums, Maestro’s mail, and regularly scheduled Zoom sessions.