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High School Programs

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Our High School Programs offer a highly engaging, academically rigorous program of study that is designed to challenge each student to achieve the highest academic standards possible as they prepare for college.
Each full time student meets with their academic advisor to develop a personal academic plan, designed to meet their individual career and college goals.

Academic Requirements for Graduation

20+ Credits  
English Language Arts 4 years of study (4.0 credits)
Mathematics 4 years of study (4.0 credits)
Science 3 years of study (3.0 credits) 2 years – lab-based
Social Studies 3 years of study (3.0 credits) American Government and Economics required.
World Language 2 years of study (2.0 credits)
PE & Health 1 year of study (1.0 credit)
Major or Minor Program of Study 3 years of study (3.0 credits)
Majors & Minors
Full-time students may choose a Major or Minor in one of our exciting programs of study: Career and Technical Education focused programs, (STEM, Business & Finance, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies ) World Languages, Theology, or International Studies, are all among the many exciting options available for students. Summer Programs
Our full service “Summer Program” offers a unique opportunity for students to take courses for accelerated learning, test prep, additional credits, or for credit recovery. We offer instruction by subject area experts in over 100 online courses, including core subject areas, electives, remedial courses, and College Test Preparatory classes.  All of the teachers utilize interactive and engaging student activities, resources, assignments, quizzes, and tests.
Some summer programs offer a blended learning approach and so students can come to campus, participate in career-related internships, or enroll in college-level courses. All courses are offered online, with some classes being offered in partnership with brick and mortar schools on site at a number of campuses. Please request additional information or register today for summer opportunities.
High School Students can expect to:
  • Spend an average of 30-40 hours per week on coursework when full time, or approximately 5-6 hours per week on each class they are enrolled in.
  • Be held accountable for their progress and grades.
  • Work independently and be responsible for logging in daily.
  • Participate in live lessons, socratic webinars online, chat sessions, tutoring, and other interactive activities.
  • Communicate with teachers and academic success coaches on a regular basis.
  • Enjoy peer-to-peer collaboration activities and projects.

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