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Schools Built On Tradition

In the United States

Founded in 1680, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a Catholic religious community of men, was created to educate some of the poorest students in urban areas in pre-Revolutionary France.  The community was founded by John Baptist de La Salle, a wealthy priest who gave up his wealth to answer the need to bring education to some of society’s most vulnerable.  Canonized a saint by Pope Leo XIII in 1900, de La Salle was recognized as the Patron Saint of Teachers of Youth by Pope Pius XII in 1950.

The word ‘Lasallian’ is used as an adjective to identify works and individuals inspired by John Baptist de La Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The Brothers founded the oldest Lasallian secondary school in the United States in 1845. In the 175 years since, the Lasallian schools in the United States, staffed by Brothers and Partners, have provided and continue to provide educational experiences that are grounded in faith and transformational in nature. 

Benilde Global Campus is the name given to a unique partnership between Catholic Virtual and Lasallian secondary schools in the Region of North America (Canada and the United States). 

Calvert Hall College High School

Towson, MD

For the last 175 years, Calvert Hall has provided a Catholic college preparatory education in the Lasallian tradition. The mission of our founder, St. John Baptist De LaSalle, calls on us to be a school where academic prowess thrives, where young men are involved in their community, and where a brotherhood is created that will last a lifetime.  As the oldest Christian Brothers school in the country, we are proud of our history and respect our traditions.

Mullen High School

Denver, CO

Mullen High School is a Lasallian, Catholic college preparatory school conducted in the tradition of the Christian Brothers to give a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor, as established in our five Lasallian Core Principles. Mullen belongs to one of the largest educational networks in the world. Lasallian schools educate more than 850,000 students in 80 different countries.

Christian Brothers High School 

Memphis, TN

Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee is an Independent, Catholic college-preparatory high school for boys in ninth through twelfth grade, in the tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

The mission of Christian Brothers High School is to provide young men a college-preparatory education in the Catholic and Lasallian traditions. Thus, we welcome, encourage, and support religious, ethnic, and economic diversity; and we acknowledge the importance of service to the poor as we prepare students to become responsible adults in the global community.