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Benilde Global Campus Programs

Lasallian schools in North America are united by a passion for preparing students for the challenges that will face them once they graduate.  They educate the entire person – mind, body, and spirit.  They do this with an understanding of and a desire to embrace the global Lasallian mission of providing a human and Christian education for young people. 

In partnership with Catholic Virtual through the Benilde Global Campus, we are working together to bring new opportunities to our students and schools in a way that reflects both our Lasallian heritage and a commitment to using technology to bring those opportunities to even more learners.  

For Lasallian Secondary Schools & Their Students in the United States

Original High School Credit Options (Regular School Year) 

This option provides the opportunity for schools to expand their curriculum with online courses. As part of this option, schools will be provided: 

  • Access to a broad range of original credit courses that can be offered directly through their school. Schools may select and offer any courses in the Catholic Virtual 2020/2021 course catalog.  
  • The option of three technology-facilitated delivery methods options 

Virtual Credit Recovery & Summer School Programs

In addition to offering original credit courses, schools also have an opportunity to offer credit recovery courses to students who need to retake a course. This option includes:

  • Access to a broad range of credit recovery courses that can be offered directly through the school. Schools may select and offer any courses in the Catholic Virtual 2020/2021 course catalog.
  • The option of three technology-facilitated delivery methods options
  • The ability to offer both recovery and original credit courses, if desired, to a broader local, regional, and national market


In both options listed above, courses can be taught by either a highly qualified Lasallian educator from one of our participating U.S.-based Lasallian schools or by a highly qualified Catholic Virtual educator.

Lasallian Christian Brothers educators can apply to become adjunct faculty for Catholic Virtual programs as part of this program.


As a program of Catholic Virtual, courses offered through Benilde Global Academy are accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED) and approved by NCAA.

For Schools Outside of the United States

Benilde Dual Diploma Program

Schools outside of the United States have an opportunity to partner with a Lasallian school in the United States. Through Benilde Global Campus, a program of Catholic Virtual, international schools can offer a dual diploma program in their brick and mortar schools. 

  • International Lasallian students complete a minimum of 6 high school one credit (1.0) courses at any time throughout their high school years as part of a Plan of Study leading to the US High School Diploma offered in conjunction with the local school diploma.
  • 18+ credits from the local high school program transfer through the Benilde Global Campus program of Catholic Virtual. A full transcript will be issued upon meeting the graduation requirements through completion of the Dual Diploma.
  • International Lasallian students may earn both a diploma from the Benilde Global Campus Program of Catholic Virtual in the United States and their local Lasallian School
  • International students accrue the benefits of our relationship with the Catholic Virtual network of Colleges and Universities, including preparation for college admissions pathways.

Course Delivery Methods

Academy Model:

The Academy Model is where a Catholic Virtual online teacher in the Benilde Global Campus is the primary instructor. Instruction can be provided in an entirely virtual or blended learning academic environment. A classroom facilitator may be provided by the school to help monitor the students if the students are in a lab or other physical classroom setting while taking the course of study. In this model, the online teacher is the course’s teacher of record. The teacher will also establish ongoing communications with students, grade student work, and provide at least one hourly weekly live session for students. These courses may be taken by students in a lab or classroom setting or may be taken independently at any place or any time.

Teacher Supported Model:

In the Teacher Supported Model, the student works independently through the online course, guided by the online teacher who provides pacing support, grading services and academic coaching in order to move the student through directed, self-paced courses. Teachers provide students support using email and messaging tools throughout the course. Again, these courses may be taken in a lab or classroom setting or may be taken independently at any place or any time.

Synchronous Classes:

Using our Synchronous Class Model, an online teacher provides direct instruction in a synchronous format that is broadcast to a class group as an extension of the school’s program. Scheduling of classes will vary based on the school’s master schedule. The online teacher is the primary instructor–grading student work and establish ongoing communications with students. A classroom or lab facilitator is provided by the school to help monitor the classroom, manage student technologies and pacing, and to serve as the liaison between the local school and the online teacher. There is a 15-student minimum for Synchronous Classes.