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Dual Diploma Program for International Students

Our Dual Diploma Program Provides International Students a Direct Path to a U.S. University.

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The Catholic Virtual Dual Diploma Program was crafted with online learning in mind. The Dual Diploma Program is designed specifically for international students to ensure they are prepared for the U.S. university experience and beyond.  Our primary goal is to help students gain the necessary skills for success in the U.S. educational system.

By enrolling in the Catholic Virtual Dual Diploma Program, students: 

  • Earn both a U.S high school diploma from an American Catholic school and a diploma from their home school
  • Are eligible for admission to an exclusive list of top Catholic Virtual U.S. university partners
  • Learn to embrace critical thinking, creativity, reflection, discussion and other skills needed for success in a U.S. college or university 
  • Are provided university admissions guidance and support

How the Dual Diploma Works 

  • Students complete at least six (6) credits with Catholic Virtual and 18+ credits with their local high school
  • Courses are taken entirely online with an online teacher and include live instructional sessions 
  • Students work together on collaborative projects and discussions–helping them develop the necessary communication skills needed to succeed in a U.S. university
  • College counseling is provided to help students with the U.S. university admission process
  • Through articulation agreements, students meeting eligibility requirements earn admissions from one of our partnering universities

100% Secured Admissions to Top Universities in the United States

Graduating with a Dual Diploma from Catholic Virtual provides international students the opportunity to attend a top U.S. university at one of our elite partner U.S. universities.

Through the program’s earned admission process, students will:

  • Be supported by one of our college counselors through the application process
  • Have a clear academic plan following graduation
  • Have an opportunity to attend one of the following colleges or universities:


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I was able to earn a U.S. high school diploma, attend St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, and earn a degree in Business Administration and Sports Management.

-Esteban Serrano, 2012 Graduate