Online Learning Solutions for Catholic Middle Schools

As students enter their middle school years, they begin to develop their unique interests and passions.

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Our online Catholic learning solutions for middle schools help students explore those interests and learn critical core concepts in preparation for high school and beyond. Online middle school programs at your school can include a well-rounded mix of: 

  • Core classes in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English 
  • Theology courses, including: 
    • The Story of the Old Testament 
    • Believing, Living and Praying Our Faith 
    • The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Sacred Scripture 
  • Exciting electives focused on critical skills for the 21st century, such as: 
    • Scratch Coding 
    • Foreign Languages: French, Spanish, and German 
    • Graphic Design 

Our online middle school solutions are designed to meet the needs of Catholic schools and come with resources and support from the Catholic Virtual team. With instructors trained in Catholic teachings, we work to engage students in meaningful and fulfilling ways.


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  -Thomas Smith, Principal, Bishop McCort Catholic High School