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In high school, students begin focusing on college, developing their academic skills, and expanding their interests.

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Our online learning solutions for Catholic high schools offer academically rigorous courses with resources and tools to help students graduate ready for what’s next.  

In each Catholic Virtual high school program, students have the opportunity to own their education. All students: 

  • Select courses based on their academic needs and interests
  • Take part in live lessons, chat sessions, and interactive activities 
  • Participate in peer-to-peer collaboration to help build skills and engagement 
  • Challenge themselves and graduate ahead of the curve 

Catholic Virtual High School Programs 

    • High School Program: We work with your school to develop a customized program–allowing you to offer the courses best suited for your school and your students. 
    • Dual Enrollment Program: Offers advanced students a way to start earning college credits during high school. This program allows students to earn college credits and get acclimated to university courses and how they are structured. Learn more>
    • Summer Programs: The Catholic Virtual online summer school option, offered directly through your school, is ideal for credit recovery or for students interested in getting ahead. Our summer programs provide flexibility for students, allowing them to work from anywhere and at their own pace. Coming Spring 2023
    • Dual Diploma Program: Our Dual Diploma Program provides an opportunity for international students to earn a diploma from an American Catholic school as well as a diploma from their home school. The program also provides U.S. university admissions support. By partnering with Catholic Virtual, you can bring your distinguished brand and curriculum to Catholic families around the world. Learn more >


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